We may be achieving a lot of things, but not necessarily the things that we would deeply love to achieve and that would be an expression of our true life force and creative spirit. 

Maybe we have internalised an unconscious belief that it’s not possible. Maybe these unconscious patterns are like hidden thought-viruses, draining energy, and yet they could be removed if only we knew they were there. 

The Enneagram shows us the nature of these unconscious restrictions on our more naturally awake and powerful embodied human essence. It helps us to reconnect to personal qualities, faculties and intelligences that we may not even have been aware we have, including the deepest knowing of our heart and gut.

If you are longing to thrive and to really make it happen in your field of endeavour, I can offer you (and your team) transformational experiences that allow new versions of yourself and fresh thinking to begin to unfold so that you can create a new reality for yourself.”

– Ingrid Hurwitz, Director, Takdīr Transformation 


Why the Enneagram?

The Enneagram helps us to recognise and understand our default Reality Maps and Reality Strategies. It opens opportunities for us to address unconscious perspectives that may be imprisoning us and diminishing our aliveness and potential.

Support our mission to bring the Wisdom of the Enneagram to the healing of intergenerational and collective trauma

In 2022, Takdīr Transformation will train and certify more Enneagram Practitioners – and give more scholarships – than ever before. If you wish to support a dedicated, high-potential person from disadvantaged background and / or working in a poor community to bring the Enneagram into their work, please email me to find out more: ingrid@takdir.co.za

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