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Takdīr Transformational Enneagram is an IEA-Accredited Enneagram School

My teaching approach

The Enneagram reveals the finest details of our own and others' Reality Maps and Reality Strategies (Tom Condon's way of describing the 9 Ennea-Styles). It helps us to avoid going wrong because of our unconscious distortions and misconceptions about reality (including of ourselves) and to discover better pathways through our lives.

Each Enneagram style is an adaptive and defensive system geared to navigate the difficulties associated with human life. It consists of unconscious attempts to alleviate uncertainty and avoid suffering, which take the form of distinctive preoccupations, fixations, ways of relating, and behaviour patterns that we call “ego” or personality. 

In more spiritual terms, the ego strategy is a collection of identifications with our conditioning that lead us to forget our essential nature as spiritual beings. Releasing these identifications is the only pathway to reconnection with the hidden truth of what we really are. This inward journey, however, is immensely difficult work, and the Enneagram helps us to find our way through the many veils of illusion that separate us from an experiential knowing of what we really are.  

My teaching includes trauma-informed explorations of the types in terms of their function as compensations for failures in the early holding environment, understanding the agency, security and relationship challenges that accompany each defensive strategy. I also explore the spiritual dimension of the Enneagram and pathways to new states of being and awareness. 


My courses always include kinaesthetic learning and the experiences of practical resources, tools and processes for you to take away and apply immediately in your personal life and in your work as an Enneagram coach, facilitator, therapist, teacher or healer. 


I create learning spaces of inclusivity, safety and connection where you can grow personally and achieve new understanding through sharing and reflection with fellow-students.

These interpersonal and interpersonal insights will deepen your empathy, presence and confidence in your personal relationships and work.


I integrate and synthesise top-class Enneagram teachings from the greatest teachers and connect insights from related disciplines including:

 Wisdom Traditions from East to West
 Analytical, Psychodynamic and Self-efficacy Psychology
The latest Psychobiological research
The NARM ® The NeuroAffective Relational Model* 

My study of and training and supervision by the most amazing teachers

The Enneagram helps us to see our very personal Reality Maps


"A mixture of enthusiasm and horror"

“At first glance, the Enneagram seems to be just another system for pigeon-holing people. But look twice and you see it’s describing something central: your core strategy for making sense of reality, your basic life stance, the axis of your flat earth. As you investigate the system and compare its insights with your own experience, you may be amazed at its depth and accuracy.
When people initially identify their Enneagram style, they often feel stunned that the core of their psyche has been so vividly exposed. Sometimes in life there are moments of creative breakthrough – what are called “Ah Ha!” experiences – when you suddenly see the familiar in a new way. The typical early encounter with the Enneagram is more like an “Oh, my God!” experience, a mixture of enthusiasm and horror.
Like motel room lighting, the system seems to first highlight our less attractive features. The Enneagram is uncomfortably specific about stories we tell ourselves, masks we wear for others, excuses we have for not getting what we want. It shows us how we trap ourselves with habitual responses, overlook our blind spots and actively defend our illusions and vanities. We have expectations, we make assumptions; we’re certain of the world that we have in our head. But, sometimes we get things all wrong.
– Tom Condon (my teacher, mentor, and guide on the pathway to becoming Real)

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What is the Enneagram?

IEA Accredited Certificate Programmes
"Studying with Ingrid is a truly transformational process as a person."- Natacha C. Coach

5D® Advanced Coaching

This 9 Month Trauma-Informed 5D® Enneagram Coaching Certificate will give you the knowledge, Coaching practices and personal Presence to create the continuity needed for Self-remembering, Aliveness and Connection.

Intermediate and Advanced Students, Coaches and Facilitators.
“A watershed experience. You are so generous with your wisdom Ingrid. A true teacher." - Anne T.

Into the (Wounded) Heart

9 integrated monthly modules (also offered as stand-alone workshops per Type) gives you a strong understanding of the Enneagram as a whole, plus an in-depth knowing of the inner life of each Type.

For Teachers, Coaches and serious Enneagram students.
“Felt safe, respectful, championing growth and creating profound understanding.”

The Enneagram & Trauma

Discover the ways in which the Enneagram can be used to transform Trauma-related Self-Disconnection into Aliveness, Safety and Heartful Connection in the Here and Now.

For Facilitators, Teachers, Therapists and other Helping Professionals.
Short Enneagram Programmes
“This was wonderful! Looking forward to using some of today’s work with a client!” - D. Barton

Team Instincts & Harmonics

Become a trusted partner to leaders in developing their teams.

Bring together teams' problem-solving styles to achieve high performance.

Learn to work with the Tri-Fix Subtypes and Instincts in a corporate setting for powerful individual and team results.
Improve relationships and collaboration.
Mondays 18h00 - 21h00 SAST 12 Sept 19th Sept 26th September

Lots of tips, tools, slides, exercises and client-ready Enneagram materials.
Thank you for taking us to a deep place - it certainly unlocked another level of understanding for me about my childhood and how that has impacted my type"

Childhood Patterns

A 3-week programme exploring the childhood patterns of the different types, coming to a personal and embodied understanding of the conditioned perspectives, feelings and struggles of each of the 9 types.

For Coaches, Teachers, Helping Processionals and
serious Enneagram students.

Next course dates TBA
"This workshop was a life-changer for me. Every session was a gift in terms of personal insights, new ideas and fresh approaches to apply in my work as a coach"

Sacred Enneagram

A facilitated Enneagram Psychospiritual Work group on Wednesday evenings over 3 weeks, working with the book "The Sacred Enneagram", by Chris Heuertz.

Complemented by wisdom teachings from Buddhism, Christian Mysticism, Sufism and Kabbalah.

A supportive, interactive learning context facilitated by Ingrid Hurwitz with guided weekly Pre-Reading,
Very limited number of people to ensure deep personal learning.

Dr. Khaled Elsherbini (Head of the Egypt Accredited School) wrote:  "It was my joy and pleasure joining you. It was a lovely experience. Thank you for the enlightening soul you bring to the world.”

Next course dates TBA
Specialist Enneagram Programmes
I cannot begin to thank you enough for the incredible journey over the last few weeks.- Lee F. - Coach

The Enneagram Object Relations

Each Enneagram Type struggles with a particular underlying feeling that basically runs the whole show.

3 Enneagram Triads give us breakthrough insights into the pre-verbal dynamics that influence everything we do.
Rejection Types (825) Frustration Types (147) Attachment-seeking ( 936)
In this course we explore each triad in depth, gaining personal & applied insights for change in our relationships, our work, and our inner lives.
"Made me love life again" - R. Landman. Enneagram Facilitator and Executive Coach

The Artist's Way at Work

WITH THE ENNEAGRAM! 6 bi-weekly sessions over 3 months. Own your ambition and express your True self in your work. Has “The Artist’s Way” been calling you for years? This facilitated, small group experience gets its transformational genius off your bookshelf and into your soul! Powering it up with the Enneagram and taking the journey with a small group of other Enneagram students makes it even more life-changing!
“Deep collaborative learning in community, expertly facilitated. Loved it.” - Trudy H. Coach

27 Subtype Masks of Instinct ​

A 4-week Journey into understanding the Implications of the Instinctual Distortions .
Discover how the Subtype sequence masks and manages (or mismanages!) the Instincts.
Integrated teachings from Ichazo to the freshest current thinking.
Intermediate and Advanced Students.
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