Leadership Excellence
Optimise your Leadership and Culture

Creative Coherence

  • Strategy:
    Does your team have a very clear shared sense of the big “why?” of your business existence your market, the real business value drivers, and the heart of your value proposition?
  • Alignment:
    Does your team creatively cohere, gel and flow together in decision-making processes in meetings?

  • Line of sight:
    Does your team drive value through creating a clear line of sight to the business strategy for each and every employee?

  • Innovation:
    Does your team have the creative energy and passion to disrupt the status quo for something newer and more alive? Do you have ways to catalyse change through leveraging a diversity of thinking styles and problem-solving strategies?

  •    Execution excellence:
    Are you getting the seamless delivery out of your unique blend of the “shoot from the hip” entrepreneurs, the more people-oriented leaders, and those focused on procedures, planning, policies and systems-building? 
  •    Culture:
    Are people living the values because they resonate with them and hold them dear, or are they simply paying lip service? Regardless of the values you have on paper, are your people relating in trustworthy, respectful, and mutually supportive and collaborative ways?

Excellent Teams

  • Trust:
    That blend of credibility, reliability and 
    veracity, supported by a client success and customer-centricity ethos, rather than personal agendas.

  • Coherence:
    The values and purpose are guardrails and heuristics in complex times. Decisions involve polarity and ambiguity, and everyone needs to weigh in. Invisible vetos drain energy and can be overcome through excellent decision-making practices and conversational tools.


  • Adaptability:
    Organisational adaptability is a capability that you can enhance and grow to create a living and responsive brand that is attuned to changing market dynamics.


  • Accountability:
    Individual and collective accountability depends on both overt and tacit mindsets, values and practices.

Top Derailers We Can Address

  • Strategic indirection
  • Misalignment 
  • Legacy culture issues
  • Toxicity, destructive conflict and inauthenticity
  • Cognitive biases and reality distortion habits 
  • Relationship stress
  • Communication venoms
  •    Individual blind spots and derailers

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