Enneagram Relationship Coaching
Aliveness and Connection Enneagram and Imago Relationship Work

Relationship conflict is difficult, but it’s pretty normal. Still, disconnection, unresolved conflicts and a lack of ease between partners severely detract from the positive and rewarding aspects of being in relationship and deeply affect ones overall health, wellbeing and quality of life. 

Imago therapy rests on the idea that we replay patterns from childhood in our adult relationships and bring all our unfulfilled childhood needs to our adult lives in the form of unspoken, and often unconscious, expectations.

The Enneagram helps us understand, in detail, how these patterns work, and how our early experiences of connection, safety, attachment, neglect, rejection and frustration may be affecting our ability to attune, empathise, self-regulate, and to solve life problems and practical challenges together in mature, adult ways.  

Once these emotional forces become visible, we can find ways to work with our earliest unmet needs with mutual compassion and care, and begin to develop a genuinely caring and mutually life-enhancing relationship. 

A deeper understanding of one another through the Enneagram lens, and using structured Imago therapy conversational methods with a qualified coach, can help you to move towards greater safety, attunement, connection, intimacy and companionship in your relationship, and set you up for greater harmony, long-term adaptability and growth together. 


  • Each do a detailed Enneagram report (You can use the AIM or IEQ9 report if you already have one)
  • Each has a 90 min 1:1 session prior to the first couple’s session.
  • Couple’s sessions are 2 hrs minimum, and I do a minimum of 3 sessions. 
  • From the second session onwards, we determine how you would like to proceed. 

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