5D® Enneagram Coaching

Takdīr 5D® Coaching Certificate
Takdīr 5D® Trauma-Informed Enneagram Coaching

Can you envisage taking your Enneagram knowledge to the next level and fulfilling your calling to work with people in more profoundly transformative ways?

The IEA-Accredited Takdīr 5D® Trauma-informed Enneagram Coaching Certificate equips you with the confidence, knowledge, skills and techniques to facilitate genuine and sustained change as you guide clients on their journeys of self-reconnection.

Imagine you are building your trauma-informed coaching practice as you skilfully offer the quality of presence in which clients can at last recover their full self-agency, true aliveness and capacity for authentic human connection.

Is it time for you to take a life-changing journey with other incredible coaches, psychologists, counsellors and OD specialists?

You might still only be using a fraction of what the Enneagram can offer and leaving people with not much more than new self-awareness, when you could be helping them to unlock totally new ways of experiencing and relating to themselves and their whole lives.

Build your successful coaching practice on the basis of breakthroughs that clients will tell their friends about.


The Takdīr 5D® Trauma-Informed Enneagram Coaching approach is designed to empower coaches to strengthen clients’ cognitive, relational and behavioural adaptability and flow in complex contexts.

At a deeper level, it supports a client to recover a foundational state of authentic self-connectedness, inner authority and the capacity to love and be loved.

5D® enables us to work with the core emotional and unconscious instinctual drivers behind specific forms of self-disconnection that impact our identity, emotions, physiology, behaviour and relationships.

It integrates a body-centred interpersonal neurobiology, psychodynamics and phenomenology with the refined Enneagram map of the psyche.

3 kinds of knowing, which correspond with the 3 Enneagram centres of Intelligence.

PROPOSITIONAL KNOWINGHead knowledge and thinking, theory, research about coaching, embodiment, trauma, attachment, post-traumatic growth.

PERSPECTIVAL KNOWING: Heart knowledge and personal understanding and appreciation of others’ experience. Highly qualified and experienced group of coaches. 

PARTICIPATORY KNOWING: Action centre practical knowledge, applicable skills and processes. Includes embodiment and somatic practices facilitated by Lila Ukabhai. https://leadershipembodiment.com/about-us/. 

There is a convenient mix of synchronous contact time and asynchronous independent work.

  • Nine interactive contact modules. These include case studies, Enneagram theory and application discussions.
  • Monthly Practicing Presence sessions in-between modules are included in order to create a space in which you can practice process skills on one another and give each other feedback.  
  • Two Personal 90 minute supervision sessions with Ingrid to experience 5D yourself and to discuss your application experiences.
  • 2 Case studies for group review.
  • Substantive, powerful Enneagram content and a vast library of materials for exploration between sessions. 
  • The module recordings are shared to allow for missed sessions.

USD $1940 inclusive.
ZA citizens, due to the extreme currency and PPI differential, is R17 997 ex.VAT. 

My course fees are always negotiable based on need and I offer payment terms. 
Please contact me to arrange payment terms if required. I have an agreement that we customise to your circumstances for our mutual confidence and a fair exchange of value. 

Next start date October 22nd 2022


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